Reel Questions?
Want Some help?
1. Before the Session:
Take a look at all the scenes you have to choose from (“but I have hardly any!”- see below). Decide which you like best. These may be the centerpieces of you reel. Then look for clips that show something different, whether thats in performance  or just in look. These pieces can become transitions.  Bring everything you have to the edit. You never know when you might need one more tiny clip...
2. At the session:
Keep it short and sweet. Think of your reel as a calling card, a way to get your foot in the door, not a chronological epic history of your acting life. A reel that feels long will give people time to find what they DON’T like about you...not exactly what we’re going for. So show’em what you’ve got and leave’em wanting more- you in person!
3. The optional- but often heard... “I don’t have enough to make a reel yet” conundrum:
You don’t have to have scads of material to make a reel. A good editor can work creatively with a couple of scenes to make less feel like more.
Also there are businesses that will shoot reels for new actors and with the quality of video these days, they can look quite good. (disclaimer and plug here..I do a lot of work with Get Reel LA, who are very good).
You can also shoot something yourself, but be forewarned, it will probably look like you shot it yourself  (make sure you get good audio and good lighting!)
Consider talking to the people you would be handing the reel to. Is a “home shot” reel ok for them?
In any case, a demo reel is a progression; when you get a new, better piece, you replace that lesser one. So go for it!
4. The easy step:
Get a great editor to help!
Creating a new demo reel can be a bit bewildering. We ‘d rather make it exciting and fun!
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